A Brief Guide to the Saatva Mattress

Saatva mattresses use cutting-edge technology to offer buyers the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had. With their coil-on-coil construction, users get more of a sleep surface than most other memory foam models, and the pillow top offers a better look and increased comfort. Here, readers can get more great details on the Saatva mattress.


Saatva’s mattresses are available in three firmness levels: Firm, Luxury Firm and Plush Soft, as described below.

  • The firm is ideal for those who sleep on their stomach or back, and who prefer not to sink into the mattress.
  • The luxury firm is like the mattresses found in the world’s finest hotels, and it works for the majority of sleepers.
  • Plush soft is for those who like to feel cocooned in their beds or those whose arms often fall asleep before they do.

Motion Isolation

One of the Saatva mattress’ best features is its motion isolation. When the user changes positions or gets in and out of bed, the mattress won’t move a bit. Customers like the Saatva for its motion isolation, which comes due to the individually wrapped coils. This feature is perfect for partners of light sleepers—even if one person tosses and turns, the other can sleep comfortably and undisturbed.

Durability and Longevity

Saatva mattresses are all made in the USA from the highest-quality sustainable and renewable products. The company claims that these mattresses can last up to 15 years, which is double the lifespan of most conventional mattresses. Compared to other budget-friendly spring and foam models, Saatva’s mattresses will last much longer while providing the same type of luxury and performance.

Mattress Care

Saatva recommends that users rotate the mattress after six months, and once per year thereafter. These mattresses are handcrafted with high-quality parts that make them heavier than expected, and users should have someone help them rotate the mattress to prevent muscle strains and other injuries.

The Final Word

Saatva’s mattresses are a great, well-rounded option for those who want a top-shelf mattress at a great price. Feedback is enormously positive, and the Saatva comes highly recommended by users and reviewers alike.