Creating a Dramatic Lake Fountain Equipped With Gorgeous Lighting

If a property owner has a lake or pond on their land, they can create a beautiful scene by installing a system to aerate the water and keep it clean. Ponds and lakes can fill with algae that can take up all the oxygen and kill the fish that are living in the water. No visitors or tourists want to look at the green scum of algae growth instead of a crystal clear lake with enticing water for migrating birds, beautiful fish, and for animals to get a healthy drink on their way across the land.

Creating a Scene

There are online companies that specialize in selling products to clean the water, and keep the algae, lily pads and vines at bay. They also sell fountains that spout water up into the air and back down that not only cleans the water but the grounds nearby. Besides helping the environment, these fountains aerate the water and create the most beautiful scenery for visitors touring the grounds.

Get Information on Large or Small Fountains

For more information on various sizes, along with the price range of products these companies sell, just click on the link provided. There are smaller fountains, naturally for smaller ponds, but there are also $18,000 fountains for larger estates and golf courses, hotels, or apartment complexes. They can be ordered online and arrive in 5 – 7 days. They feature a warranty up to two years or an extended one for three years, which means there’s virtually no risk involved with having either small or large fountains installed.

Depths of Water

Some of the fountains can float in water as shallow as 40 inches. They won’t corrode, even though the water may be brackish and located in a part of the country where fresh water and sea water meet.

Accessories Added For Serene Beauty

Many property owners want floating fountains with lights to create a dramatic effect to the property. When architects are designing gambling casinos, water parks or amusement parks, they want people to remember the effect the giant fountain had on them the first time they saw it. Lighting is available for these mammoth fountains for as little as $2200 and can be ordered right along with the fountain.